Broody Vanessa inspired by Elton John to have baby

PRESENTER Vanessa Feltz has revealed that she may consider ways to have another baby or adopt a child after being inspired by Elton John and David Furnish.

Ms Feltz told the Ham&High this week that she has started considering the possibility of expanding her family after the news came the celebrity couple had had a baby by surrogate.

The BBC London host said: “The Elton John story breathes a little life into the hope that it might be possible to have a baby late on but I also think there are lots and lots of children here who aren’t maybe babies but could do with a good home and some love.

“I don’t know if I’d be considered too old. I am 48 and Ben’s 38.”

She did, however, add that such a move would be a decision for the future.

Ms Feltz has just started a new daytime TV show with her partner Mr Ofoedu and on Monday will take over Sarah Kennedy’s 5am slot on Radio 2.

“Certainly it would be a strange time to do it – I’ve never been busier in my entire life,” she added. “It would be a fib to say I’ve got it all up and running -I am not doing anything actively about it at the moment.”

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The presenter’s new projects will mean she could soon be dominating the airwaves.

The Radio 2 and BBC London shows as well as her stints occasionally filling in for Jeremy Vine on BBC London on top of her TV work could see her working days stretch from 3am to 10pm.

“My overriding emotion is pure terror at being exhausted,” she said. “But I think being terrified is quite a good thing at my age.

“I am going to be 49 this year – if I haven’t died of exhaustion by February then I think to be scared stiff is probably not bad.

“I am a morning person although this Radio 2 show takes it to the most absurd extremes and I will not pretend I have ever in my life woken at that time unless with a crying baby or on the way to a holiday.”

That is not to say she is not relishing the opportunity, which was one she “never thought for a second of turning down”.

Some critics have already warned the Celebrity Big Brother contestant will be too strident for the show.

Even though Ms Feltz’s favourite song Young at Heart by The Bluebells she will keep the volume down.

“I may be many things but I am not stupid,” she said. “I am certainly not going to bellow or shriek on the radio at five in the morning. I am perfectly aware of what my position is. My job is to welcome people gently to the day with some kind of enthusiasm, gentleness, delicacy and awareness of what time of day it is.”

Much of her happiness and enthusiasm for the new chapter in her life clearly stems from her relationship with Mr Ofoedu.

She smiles fondly when she mentions him and is clearly in a position she did not think possible when she was left by her first husband, with whom she lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

This may be why she has imported this successful new relationship into her working life.

From Monday the couple started co-presenting their own talk show on Channel 5.

Ms Feltz is aware of the risks to home harmony working together may cause but also knows a bickering couple will make good television for gossip hungry viewers.

“We are at very early stages but I am certainly making the classic mistake of taking work home,” she laughed. “Last night he was just thinking about being tender and romantic and I cut him off mid-way saying: ‘What about the show’, ‘Don’t you think we should stand more there, or talk more there’. I did think, ‘This is like me interviewing someone asking if you take work home – and I am actually doing it myself’.

“But we are certainly great arguers so it shouldn’t be too long before we kick off. I don’t think either of us is particularly shy or reticent.”

Speaking to the Ham&High, Ms Feltz also revealed that like presenters over on Radio 1 she won’t be picking the music for her show.

This week George Ergatoudis, head of music at Radio 1 since 2005, revealed to that programmers decide the music for daytime radio programmes and to let DJs choose would turn listeners off.

It seems it is no different over on Radio 2 as Ms Feltz won’t be responsible for all her show’s music either.

She added: “I am a big reggae fan and a big fan of 1950s music. They’re certainly not adverse to my suggesting tracks and playing some music that I wanted to bring to the show but it’s a very delicate balance and I wouldn’t start muscling in and changing it.”