Book Talk: Jane Haynes and Candice Derman

Candace Derman author of Indescribable

Candace Derman author of Indescribable - Credit: Archant

Two local authors hold an important conversation about sexual abuse at Owl Bookshop

Two local authors will hold an important conversation at the Owl Bookshop next week.

Candice Derman, whose book Indescribable unflinchingly recounts her abuse by the stepfather she called ‘Dad’, will be in discussion with Jane Haynes, the psychotherapist who treated her.

Jane lives in West Hampstead and is a leading specialist in what she terms ‘relational psychotherapy’. She is also the author of the award nominated memoir Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am?

Her latest book If I Chance To Talk A Little Wild (Quartet Books) is the brutally honest seqeul which continues to interweave her clinical and personal experience - as well as her love of literature - into an unorthodox and haunting memoir.

In it Jane talks about how sexual abuse is ingrained in society.

Derman, a South African actress who now lives in Kentish Town with her husband and daughter, was abused from the age of eight to 14 without her mother suspecting anything.

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Derman not only speaks openly about her abuse and the subsequent court case which saw her stepfather jailed, but offers insight into the mind of an abuse victim and a hard won message of hope and resilience.

Jane Haynes and Candice Derman will be in discussion on Wednesday February 27 at the Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town at 6.30pm.

Tickets £3.00 call 020 7485 7793 or go to