Alexandra Palace Theatre to host annual performance for disabled dance company icandance

Alice Bellini and Denicia Allen practice their performance of "Reunion"

Alice Bellini and Denicia Allen practice their performance of "Reunion" - Credit: Sean Flanagan

The students of the charity icandance will take centre stage on June 25 at Alexandra Palace Theatre for their Annual Performance showcase.

icandance is a program that teaches disabled individuals in a way that is inclusive and caters to each student by providing personalised attention.

The charity uses dance as a therapy to strengthen and empower young disabled people who likely would not receive the same care in mainstream dance courses.

Courses are taught by psychotherapists, clinical consultants, and dance facilitators who are trained to understand students’ physical needs and coach them through these challenges.

The Alexandra Palace Theatre was specifically chosen by icandance because it is disability friendly and works closely with them so that all students can attend and perform without difficulties.

“Lots of times, disabled people aren’t able to access theatre performances but this one is completely accessible,” said icandance founder Juliet Diener.

“We have a high level of wheelchair spaces available and we want to open this up to the community because that is what this is about.”

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Approximately 90 performers between the ages of four and 25 will participate where family, friends, and the general public will gather to see dances and songs performed live. 

A special performance will be choreographed and performed by student Denicia Allen and English National Ballet dancer, Alice Bellini.

The piece is entitled “reunion” and will feature live vocals from singer Belle Kumble. Denicia, who is wheelchair-bound, will perform the duet with Alice as a tribute to  time lost during the pandemic.

During the height of the pandemic Alice reached out to icandance via social media where she would go on to teach a workshop on Swan Lake for the children and organise for them to see a performance of Swan Lake at the English National Ballet.

The pandemic hindered icandance’s ability to host their Annual Performance as it has in previous years so both students and instructors alike are overjoyed to be back in the spotlight this year.

“We are incredibly excited about the upcoming Annual Performance. Not only because it is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, but because it is an opportunity to celebrate what dance can offer communities,” said Juliet.

Tickets are on sale on the Alexandra Palace Theatre website.