Alberto Ruiz’s nod to the old masters

Alberto Ruiz Painting

Alberto Ruiz Painting - Credit: Archant

Alberto Ruiz Uriarte doesn’t describe himself as the model art student. During his time studying at Florence’s Angel Art School, he developed his passion for classical styles, but admits he relies more on intuition than education.

Now hosting his debut art exhibition at Burgh House, Ruiz Uriarte believes it is time for the public to judge this approach. Exclusively using oil paints, his artwork is a rich, vibrant mixture of colour, realism with a distinct nod to the old masters.

“I’ve never been satisfied with modern art,” says the 57-year-old. “It’s a very personal statement of course, but I’ve always been drawn to the richness of the old master paintings. Colour can be so beautiful, not only does it give lustre and radiance to a piece, but it also endears people to it.”

Ruiz began painting 20 years ago, but put down his brushes completely during the nineties and didn’t return until, inspired by Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Jusepe de Ribera, he found a summer school in Italy run by Michael John Angel.

Ruiz Uriarte, who works as a fibre optics engineer, returned to England and began working “every spare working hour of the day”. Building up his pieces with more than 12 layers of paint, the artist enlisted family and professional models to stunning effect.

“Some of these are quite high prices, but for me it’s just about the feeling. My only hope is that everyone who comes leaves with a sense of awe, beauty and wonder.”

Ruiz Uriarte’s exhibition is open at Burgh House until September 15. for more information, visit