Affordable Art Fair returns to the inspiration of Hampstead Heath

Isabel H Langtry with her sculpture Picasso�s Petals.

Isabel H Langtry with her sculpture Picasso�s Petals. - Credit: Archant

As the fair returns for its fifth year, Sanya Ali discovers what lies in store.

This June, art lovers have the opportunity to stretch their legs and creative work at a London landmark.

The Affordable Art Fair will take its place on Hampstead Heath for the fifth year, allowing local, national and international galleries to display and sell their wares.

Director Romy Westwood says the event reflects the range of art available in the area.

“It’s really nice to be working for the Affordable Art Fair because we have over 1000 artists at each event, really diverse in terms of style, technique and medium. Whether it’s contemporary or more traditional, there’s something to reflect all tastes,” says Westwood.

Since she started working at the fair years ago, Westwood says the scope has become more international.

“It’s quite nice because there’s a lovely balance between a lot of local galleries and London galleries and a lot of international ones,

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“This fair we’ve got three galleries from Korea, one from Japan, two from Canada, Greece; so it’s quite far-flung, but then we have three galleries that are based in Hampstead and quite a lot in North London,” says Westwood.

The fair celebrates emerging talent as well. They partner with Made in Arts London, part of University of the Arts London focused on helping students navigate the business side of the practise.

Hampstead, and especially the picturesque Heath, serves as a popular subject.

“You have a lot of artists taking inspiration from Highgate and Hampstead High Street, but really the beauty of the Heath within London, the views from Parliament Hill, are a common, well thumbed feature.

“It’s such a rare space in a big cosmopolitan city like London that a lot of people draw from it,” Westwood says.

The annual fair also includes a Charity Private View. Ticket sales for this part of the event will benefit the Hampstead School of Art as they fundraise for a new building. The school has provided complimentary workshops at the fair for three years.

“We deliver a workshop every day for, this year, two hours, for anyone who would like to attend. We’ve based them on the Affordable Art Fair’s theme which this year is colour,” says Principal Isabel Langtry.

As beneficiary charity, the school hopes to raise enough money to open a new school on Kidderpore Avenue in 2016.

“Our fundraising is all about keeping art at the heart of Hampstead by having a building which would mean we could continue delivering our courses and making a difference to local people in perpetuity,” Langtry adds.

Two of the principal’s own sculptures will be displayed at the entrance. The pieces are complimentary, one made of darker material and one lighter. Langtry says she also draws inspiration from a natural aesthetic.

“Hampstead is a beautiful area; the Heath is the most inspiring place to walk on.”

The Affordable Art Fair takes place June 11 to 14 at Hampstead Heath. The Charity Private view will take place at 5:30 p.m. June 10. Visit