In a word: uplifting, healing, funny, brilliant. (OK, that's four)

Who'd have thought a play about young men singing old songs could cure these difficult times, but they do it, and with style, lovability, humour, humility, and talent.

The plot centres on a four-piece band killed by a bus accident in the 1960s, who have reformed in heaven. Whatever - the chemistry's the thing. In two minutes you're in love with sensitive, nervous Jinx, deadpan wit Frankie, Smudge the prom dreamboat, and Sparky who is, well sparky.

Four men, four antique microphones, a piano/double bass combo (Ian Oakley, Jess Martin) - this show knows what it's doing and takes you away, high into the clouds to join a celestial combo singing songs you forgot you loved. (Crazy ‘Bout Ya Baby, Chain Gang, Shangri-La.)

The energy, timing and flair in John Plews' direction makes you smile twice a minute and laugh every three. As with any Ovation production you're guaranteed: a West End treat for a fifth of the price in a lovely old place where they let you take drinks in (Yess!!)

Forever Plaid is a show crammed with surprises, laughter, pathos and pace. You come out high as a kite, full of heart and reminded you have one. Covid? Go get some healing joy. 5/5 stars.

Forever Plaid runs Upstairs At The Gatehouse until June 27.