Wingate goalkeeper Gore training to remain focused and sane

Wingate & Finchley goalkeeper Shane Gore says he is remaining fit to keep sane and give himself a focus during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 38-year-old normally opts for a few weeks away from training to relax and take his mind off the season when it comes to an end, but not this year with the current uncertainty surrounding the country.

The 2019/20 season was cut short but being on furlough leave due to the circumstances and not being able to go away for a break Gore has decided to set himself goals and keep himself going fitness-wise.

“It’s hard, normally you finish at the end of April, beginning of May and being a goalkeeper, being my age and knowing my body I would probably have a good three to four weeks off,” he said.

“Go on holiday, relax and get away from it all, and not really do too much. Do a few bits, but nothing major and then June time start picking up a bit, working out, running and trying to look after yourself a bit more.

“The first couple of weeks I did bits and pieces, plus you’re still fairly fit from the season as we’re only six or seven weeks short of finishing the season, and I’ve just started now exercising properly again.

“I was getting to a point where I was drinking too much of an evening. Sun’s out we’ll go out in the garden and have a glass of wine about 5pm, but I made a conscious decision to do exercise again most days and cut out alcohol for two weeks. That will give me some focus as I’m not working at the moment and there is only so much you can do around the house.”

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He added: “Once we know when the season is actually going to start again then we can start building yourself up like you would normally.”

Gore has made more than 700 appearances in his career but hopes he has at least one more season left in him despite the uncertainty.

“I said to myself at the beginning of this season that it would be season by season now, see how my body feels, and I’d probably say I didn’t have my best season but I set myself such a high standard the first few seasons at Wingate,” he added.

“I was very fortunate to win player of the year three years in a row, so that tells me I can still play at a good standard, this year I just wasn’t consistent enough for whatever reason.”