Wingate boss Knight fears another null and void season

Wingate & Finchley manager Spencer Knight during Hornchurch vs Wingate & Finchley, Pitching In Isthm

Wingate & Finchley manager Spencer Knight during Hornchurch vs Wingate & Finchley, Pitching In Isthmian League Premier Division Football at Hornchurch Stadium on 6th October 2020 - Credit: Gavin Ellis/TGS Photo

Wingate & Finchley manager Spencer Knight says he feels sorry for senior players coming to the end of their careers and for youngsters' stunted development - as his side face another season made ‘null and void’.

The Southern League, Northern Premier League and Isthmian League are pushing for an immediate end to their respective seasons - although clubs will get a small say in the final outcome. 

The three, collectively known as the trident leagues, drew criticism for the speed they declared last year's campaign null and void, the announcement coming just three days after Boris Johnson brought in the first national lockdown in March. 

Any voiding of the current campaign would mean no promotion and relegation once again. 

“I especially feel for the lads that are probably coming towards the end of their careers and have had two years struck of it if you like,” Knight said. 

“Father time doesn’t wait for anyone and I've got a few lads coming towards the end and they’re having to do it without even playing. 

“The younger lads you’d like to think they’ve got long careers ahead of them, I do feel for the players, and even my coaching staff as all they want to be doing is being out there and helping players. 

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“At the moment they’re not able to do that, our club has done everything possible to make things safe, but if the government tell you that you can’t do anything then we have to abide by that. 

“We’ve seen enough Premier League players breaking the rules, I'm certainly not going to be encouraging my players to do that.” 

He added: “I’ve got some really talented young lads, who need games, they need games in men’s football and even the lads we had on loan this will not be helping them. 

“The purpose of them coming out on loan to us was game time and for their development, it’s a tough situation for everybody, and hopefully by Easter time things will be better globally. 

“Non-league football seems very insignificant to that, but at the same time, that is what we do so it’s important to us that’s for sure.”