Saracens in Trading Places competition with City Index for charity

Saracens players are taking part in a Trading Places competition with City Index to win money for a charity of their choice

Saracens players are taking part in a Trading Places competition with City Index to win money for a charity of their choice - Credit: M Group SC

A group of 10 Saracens players are to take part in a special Trading Places competition with City Index to help charity.

The wholly owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc has announced the start of the competition, which sees Jackson Wray, Aled Davies, Richard Barrington, Mike Rhodes, Vincent Koch, Alex Lewington, Deborah Fleming, Lotte Clapp, Sydney Gregson and Emma Swords go head-to-head in a test of their trading skills.

The competitors will be trading places and stepping into the shoes of the retail traders that use City Index’s industry leading trading platforms every day, and just like City Index users, each Saracens player brings a unique approach and experience level to the competition.

While several of the 10 competitors are new to trading, players like Wray have some previous trading experience.

And in pure Saracens style the competition between the players will be real, but each will be using a demo account with a starting balance of £10,000 in virtual funds.

To level the playing field each player will have access to all of City Index’s educational tools, research, and customer support throughout the duration of the competition.

Giles Watts, SVP & Regional Business Director for the UK & EU at City Index, said: “We’re excited that we’re able to work with the Saracens to create a competition that will allow these players to showcase their skills outside of rugby but also showcase the opportunities trading can offer while further educating the competitors and those following the competition on how to develop effective trading skills and strategies.

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"We look forward to seeing how the players leverage our leading trading solutions and educational tools to develop a winning strategy.”

*Players will be trading from a demo account with starting funds £10,000 in virtual funds.

*Players will be trading from April to June across a wide range of financial markets. · League table position will be based on their account balance and updated weekly here.

*For the winner with the highest trading account balance at the end of the competition, £20,000 will be donated by City Index to the charity of their choice.

*For the loser with the lowest account balance, the ignominious Wooden Spoon!

Wray added: “We’re excited to bring the Saracens competitive drive to a new contest beyond the pitch, hopefully learning a new skill along the way.

We’ll see which one of us gets the glory of being named best club trader and more importantly the money for charity. I for one, do not plan on coming in last as I don’t want to get that wooden spoon!”

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