North London charity offers futsal bursaries after merger

Futsal players

Futsal players - Credit: Marc Morris Photography

A North London charity which provides children’s football training will now offer futsal – a sport similar to five-a-side football – after merging with a local training academy. 

ProFutsal has joined forces with Bloomsbury Football. They will now offer both football and futsal training to children of all ages and backgrounds. 

In futsal each team has five players, the ball is smaller and harder than a football, and it is usually played indoors. 

Jon Kurrant founded ProFutsal and is now Bloomsbury Football’s futsal academy manager. 

He said: “It’s basically a microcosm of football. It’s magnified, so there’s less space, there’s less time, and therefore you have to be a little bit better technically.” 

Bloomsbury Football provides sports training for children regardless of their families’ ability to pay. It offers 50%, 75% or full bursaries. 

CEO Charlie Hyman said: “Because we've reduced the financial barriers to access, you have children from a huge range of backgrounds attending the same groups and sessions. 

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“That’s one of the most amazing part of what we do, is giving these children the opportunity to grow up and have empathy to children who are different from themselves.” 

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Futsal players

Futsal players - Credit: Marc Morris Photography