Hendon to train at Saracens’ Allianz Park stadium throughout forthcoming season

Saracens' home at Allianz Park

Saracens' home at Allianz Park - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Hendon’s players have returned to pre-season action to the news that they will be training at Saracens’ Allianz Park ground during the forthcoming campaign.

After supporting Premiership giants Saracens’ move to Barnet Copthall earlier this year, Hendon have negotiated a deal which will allow them to practise at the stadium every Wednesday evening, whatever the weather, just a few minutes’ walk from their clubhouse on Greenlands Lane.

Hendon coach Chris Palmer said: “Most rugby players and coaches would recognise the scenario where productive and effective training sessions go out of the window because the training ground has turned into a bog, and the ability to perform even the most simplistic skills has also disappeared into the muddy abyss.

“We had the ability to train on the Allianz pitch a few times last season and the benefits in terms of what we could work on and do, coupled with the enjoyment that the players got out of these sessions, translated into tangible benefits on the pitch on match days.

“Therefore it is with a great deal of excitement that I look forward to the new season, having secured what is probably the UK’s best rugby surface to train on all season long.

“This can only have massive benefits to all of our players, whether they be the gnarly old guard or the increasing number of new players who are keen to take advantage of such superb facilities.”

For now, training will continue on the Hendon club pitches at Copthall, with the Allianz sessions starting in late August and continuing for the rest of the season.

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Anyone interested in playing for Hendon can contact director of rugby Mick Harber on 07957 294767 or the club secretary Neil Foley at nfoley@yahoo.com.