Haringey Huskies general manager Lee Mercer wants to build for the future

Haringey Huskies player huddle after losing their first match to Basingstoke Buffalo (Pic: Hev Osbor

Haringey Huskies player huddle after losing their first match to Basingstoke Buffalo (Pic: Hev Osborne) - Credit: Archant

Haringey Huskies general manager Lee Mercer wants to use their first season as a club to build for the future.

The Huskies, who formed this off-season, have joined the NIHL Two South and have taken the place of the former Haringey Racers.

It has been months of hard-work from the Alexandra Palace-based outfit backroom staff and Mercer admits it’s been hard work.

“It’s been hard work to be honest, who knew that running a hockey club could be so difficult, but everyone has pulled together and worked really hard to put things together,” he said.

“From the coaches to the off-ice team as well, they’ve all worked really hard and people have been really supportive and helpful.

“It’s gone as well as I could have planned it.”

The general manager is now keen to build the club up for future although he admits the new league format will make it a tough challenge.

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“We will be using it to build for sure, there’s no doubt about that, however I can’t see why we can’t finish in the top eight to be honest,” Mercer admitted.

“It’s just with the league structure changing there is a massive gap between the top and bottom, with the likes of Oxford, Bracknell and Chelmsford who have more financial power dropping down into this league.

“They can get attract a better standard player as the money is there, which leaves the likes of us, Bristol, Lee Valley and Basingstoke who can’t do that.

“The league is split in two almost.”

The former Fife Flyers player believes the league will change and even out in the next few seasons after a divide for this season and possibly the next.

“I think it will even itself out over a few years, but it will take a few years,” Mercer said.

“Until then I can only describe it as when Invicta used to be the big powerhouse in the league and used to win it year on year out.

“It did take teams a little while to catch up to Invicta and then they obviously ended up going up a league, but we’re here to compete and will make sure we do.”

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