Brondesbury captain Overy wants his side to enjoy final game after relegation

Brondesbury skipper James Overy (left) (pic: Gavin Ellis/TGS Photo)

Brondesbury skipper James Overy (left) (pic: Gavin Ellis/TGS Photo)

Brondesbury captain James Overy just wants his side to enjoy their final fixture in the Middlesex County Cricket Premier Division after being relegated. 

They will welcome local rivals Hampstead to Harman Drive on Saturday for the final fixture of the season looking to finish off on a high note. 

The skipper insists he doesn’t buy into the building momentum for next season theory and just wants his side to enjoy the match. 

“The result is pretty irrelevant, lots of times when people get in these situations they say it’s really important for next year, but I don’t think it is,” Overy admitted. 

“The most important thing on Saturday is that we enjoy the day. It’s a game against Hampstead, who are close to us in the table and geographically. 

“We’re not just turning to have a slog and see what happens. We’ll take it seriously, but I'm not sure it has any impact on next year. We would like to finish the season with a win and have a nice evening after that.” 

It was a five wicket defeat to Shepherd’s Bush on the weekend that confirmed Brondesbury’s relegation back to Division One. 

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They won the toss and elected to bat first where they were bowled out for 194 despite decent knocks from Thomas Shaw (43) and Amartya Kaul (50) before Shepherd’s Bush scored 198-5 in reply. 

“Hugely disappointed that we couldn’t take it right until the final day, but bigger than that just disappointed to be relegated. 

“I guess it’s something that we’ve seen coming for a few weeks for a number of different reasons, but obviously very disappointing, and Saturday was the day that it was made official. 

“We had a really good start on a reasonably tough pitch, I thought the guys showed quite a bit with the bat, which is what we’ve been struggling with and we were in a good position half way through our innings. 

“We probably didn’t get quite enough runs, 230 would have probably been about par, and we were 20 to 30 short of that. 

“Disappointing as that would have been a really challenging score. We were set up to get that, so that’s a shame. 

“We were a few balls light, so it was hard to create too much pressure, and we just always felt like we were trying to claw it back. 

“A lack of runs was the issue, it wasn’t an awful performance by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t great either as we didn’t win.”