Brondesbury captain Overy ‘frustrated’ but insists they must keep looking ahead

Brondesbury captain James Overy (Pic: Brondesbury CC)

Brondesbury captain James Overy (Pic: Brondesbury CC) - Credit: Archant

Brondesbury captain James Overy was ‘frustrated’ at their abandoned fixture but is now looking forward to a local derby against Hampstead.

Overy and his side limited Finchley to 135-8 on Saturday before the rain came down and forced the match to be abandoned – resulting in just one point being given to each side.

Skipper Overy was confident of a victory but says nothing can be done now and they must look ahead to a big weekend coming up.

“Obviously we’re very disappointed as I feel we were set up to win the game. We were excellent in the field and bowled brilliantly which got us into a really good position,” Overy said.

“It’s really frustrating to not be able to finish the game. It’s frustrating that we’ve waited such a long time, played the first weekend, and then only got halfway through the second week but there is nothing you can do about that.

“We’ve now got a big derby match against Hampstead and then a cup game on Sunday, so plenty to look forward to still.”

Brondesbury are looking to set the record straight against rivals Hampstead who they haven’t fared too well against in the past seasons.

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Overy added: “We obviously take every game seriously and we want to win. Our record against Hampstead hasn’t been that great in the league, so we’re looking to put that right but we’re mainly excited to be back playing competitive cricket.

“There is not a lot of form to go on, Hampstead look like they’ve started well, they scored a fair few runs on Saturday before the rain.

“They’re in a similar position to us, they lost their first game, and then probably felt like they could have won their second game.”

Overy also admitted they will hand chances to some of the club’s youngsters when the time is right or they deserve the opportunity during the shortened season.

He said: “We will look to give our youngsters a fair crack to experience the Premier League, but we want to be competitive, and making sure they’re coming in because they deserve to play.”

Brondesbury will then also face Harrow St Mary in the cup on Sunday at Harman Drive as they look to continue progressing in that competition to provide more games this season.