Arsenal boss Eidevall hails Nobbs and Mead over landmarks

Arsenal's Jordan Nobbs scores their third goal at Everton

Arsenal's Jordan Nobbs scores their third goal at Everton - Credit: PA

Jonas Eidevall hailed Arsenal's Jordan Nobbs and Beth Mead for scoring their 50th Women’s Super League goals in the 3-0 win at Everton on Sunday.

Mead scored Arsenal’s second and Nobbs put the icing on the cake after Caitlin Foord had given the Gunners the lead just before the break.

And Eidevall admitted he was especially happy for Nobbs, saying: "I was extremely pleased for her and extremely pleased with how she has trained this week. 

"I spoke with her and I said unfortunately she wasn’t going to start but I thought she had trained excellently, but I know she is so ready to come off the bench and she showed that.

"It is so important to us, you remember the minutes the players play and she showed what a great player she is. I am really happy she got an end product from it because I know that is important to her so that was excellent to see."

Mead also broke the WSL assist record on the day and Eidevall added: "It shows how humble and grateful I should be to work with legendary players like that. 

Everton's Poppy Pattinson and Arsenal's Beth Mead battle for the ball

Everton's Poppy Pattinson and Arsenal's Beth Mead battle for the ball - Credit: PA

"But I also think that it is being part of being at this club to achieve things like that and not be satisfied with it.

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"We are really happy and proud about it, but then we need to keep it going to strive for even more."

WSL leaders Chelsea had played earlier in the day, beating Tottenham 3-1, and Eidevall said: "Every time you manage Arsenal or play for Arsenal, the expectation is that you win. 

"To be honest, Chelsea’s result doesn’t really matter to me because the pressure is on every game, I can’t feel more pressure. 

"I support this club and I am so privileged to be here and I want nothing else other than to showcase this club so that pressure is on all the time."

Arsenal moved the ball wider during the second half against Everton and Swede Eidevall explained: "We spoke about the decision making about when we should stay on one side and when we should go to central zones or the other side.

"That took a little too long in the first half, so we were still very much in control but sometimes we kept the ball in spaces where we had even numbers. 

"In the second half we were much better at moving the ball quicker and creating that extra player."

On controlling the tempo and the emotion of the game, he said: "A lot of the things we spoke about after the Chelsea game [FA Cup semi-final loss] and the things we worked on in training were really showcased in this game.

"We were so disappointed not to get sustained possession in Chelsea’s half last week and we were way too stressed with the ball.

"We need to understand the decision making when we go forward,in a counter attack for example, then you need to really commit. 

"But sometimes you really need to step on the ball, to organise the team and make more passes so we move them and then we find the moment to go through and we did that so much better here.

"We had long spells where Everton had to work really hard off the ball, and we were finding good moments to go through and even the times when we didn’t get through, we were so well together that we counterpressed and got the ball back and they couldn’t start any counter attacks."

With Chelsea playing Tottenham again on Thursday before the Gunners return to action at the weekend, Eidevall was asked if he would tune in to watch.

He said: "I don’t think so. Thursdays are our day off so I will spend it with my kids, I might catch the second half. 

"I will rewatch the game because we play Tottenham but the game will not change if I see it or not."

Arsenal host Aston Villa at Meadow Park on Sunday (2.15pm).