Middlesex County Cricket Club have assured members they "aren’t going anywhere any time soon", after it was reported they were considering moving from Lord’s.

The club's chief executive officer, Andrew Cornish, issued a statement in response to an article published in the Sunday Times suggesting the club was planning to leave its longstanding home.

Mr Cornish said: "As we all know, Middlesex Cricket is unique in many ways – most significant of which is our existence at Lord’s, a ground we do not own, yet have played at for the vast majority of our 160-year existence and will continue to in the future."

He acknowledged the difficulties the club faces, not least the "severe restrictions" on growth potential due to a lack of opportunity to secure extra funds from Lord's.

Ham & High: A general view of Lord's Cricket GroundA general view of Lord's Cricket Ground (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

Middlesex is a tenant at the Lord's Cricket Grounds, owned by Marylebone Cricket Club, and has been since 1877.

The BBC reported that moves to bring in new investment have included talks about moving away from the club's home ground.

But Mr Cornish reassured members that any move is likely to be "years away" and would require significant financial investment, which the club is currently not in a position to consider.

Although Mr Cornish said that "London needs another elite cricket facility", he made it clear there is no site Middlesex could consider moving to currently.

Ham & High: A general view of an MCC logo on a gate at Lord's Cricket Ground, LondonA general view of an MCC logo on a gate at Lord's Cricket Ground, London (Image: PA)

Mr Cornish said in the statement on the club's website: "First are foremost, the club is not in a financial position currently where it can even consider this as an option, secondly, we have no site to consider moving to, and thirdly, if we did have, bringing this to fruition would be many years away and we would still hope to play as much cricket as possible at Lord’s.

"We continue to explore numerous options, but to put minds at rest, Middlesex Cricket is not about to end its long-term relationship with Marylebone Cricket Club and is not about to leave Lord’s."

He concluded: "We aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and we look forward to our partnership with Marylebone Cricket Club continuing to thrive moving forwards."