Gareth Creagh (M40) was the first Highgate Harrier home in the men's 2021 London Marathon, coming in at 717th out of 40,000-odd finishers.

Creagh completed the circuit in a time of 2:46:35, improving on his personal best of 2:53:12 that he achieved in 2011.

Highgates' first woman was Joanna Gardner, who ran round in 3:23.53, which improved on her time in the Windsor marathon in April this year of 3:27.26.

Others to complete included Patrick Thomas at 2:48:51, William Dawber (M40) with 2:52.54, Tom Cowling (2:3:09), Brendan Donnelly (23:3:34), and Adam Lennox (3:10:56).