High fantasy: the Pinterest worthy Highpoint flat

PUBLISHED: 18:14 08 June 2016 | UPDATED: 18:19 08 June 2016

Property porn, interiors inspiration, or both?

Property porn, interiors inspiration, or both?


Fire up your mood boards, interior design lovers and London property portfolio fantasists. This three bedroom apartment is sure to get your pulses racing.

Mismatched framed art, an anglepoise lamp and Eames chairs, a Pinterest hat trickMismatched framed art, an anglepoise lamp and Eames chairs, a Pinterest hat trick

Perusing property pictures online is always a thrill for those with voyeuristic tendencies.

With the north London property market on pause as the referendum rumbles on and stamp duty puts a dampener on all but the most ardent of buyers, those unable or unwilling to move are left to get their kicks fantasising as we scroll through endless property websites.

As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time poring over property photos (for work, not out of some weird property porn fetish, although it has begun to invade my dreams), I like to play a little game of bingo to pass the time.

Violently coloured walls, theme rooms, exercise machines in bizarre locations, the odd pet in shot, sinks full of unwashed washing up and entire homes that time and forgot but chintz certainly hasn’t all feature on my mental checklist.

Another view of the bookcase of Type A dreamsAnother view of the bookcase of Type A dreams

As any of our estate agents from our weekly ‘Meet the Agent’ feature will tell you, there’s nothing so strange as people in the privacy of their own home, let alone their taste in decor.

But then there are those properties that look like they’ve fallen from the mood board of the most tasteful interior designer.

White walls, charmingly mismatched mid-century furniture, books arranged in rainbow order, and cacti lined up all in row.

Who are these preternatural humans with their impeccable taste? Why are they leaving their perfect abode? Will they imbibe my future life here with similar levels of domestic aesthetic bliss?

Even the corridors of Highpoint I are an instant Instagram backdropEven the corridors of Highpoint I are an instant Instagram backdrop

To which you reply, eyes gleaming in the blue glow of your computer screen: don’t know, don’t care and yes.

This three bedroom apartment in Highpoint I is one such Pinterest worthy home. At once inspirational and aspirational, so tastefully styled it practically sells itself.

The 900 sq ft of accommodation includes a large reception room with the original Crittal windows still intact and able to fold all the way back, revealing views across the City.

Flicking through the pics is guaranteed to make you wish you could buy it, carefully curated knick knacks and all. May I keep the writing desk? Would you throw in the chromatically aligned library too?

Highpoint I is a shining beacon of Modernist architectureHighpoint I is a shining beacon of Modernist architecture

It wouldn’t take a moment’s exhortation from a charming agent to encourage you to envision yourself living here.

The Highpoint location is yet another selling point of course. Designed by Berthold Lubetkin in the 1930s, it’s widely recognised as a high point of London Modernist architecture, and has been Grade I listed by English Heritage in recognition of the fact.

Of course, the minor issue of the £975,000 price tag, the exorbitant cost of moving and general economic uncertainty but if you can’t dream on the internet, where can you?

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