Pawsquad’s stress-free home vet visits are coming to you

PawSquad offer check-ups and treatments from the comfort of your home

PawSquad offer check-ups and treatments from the comfort of your home - Credit: Archant

If you are a pet owner, maybe you can empathise with this familiar tale.

Visits last around 40 minutes, and medicines are delivered to your door the next day

Visits last around 40 minutes, and medicines are delivered to your door the next day - Credit: Archant

Your cat is booked in for vaccinations and, as normal, has been out on the razz the night before. You have finally located him (asleep in a neighbour’s shed), wrestled him into his carrier, listened to him whine through a 20-minute car ride, pitched up in the waiting room and then watched as your cat claws the vet to bits during the 12-and-a-half minutes allocated for your appointment.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

PawSquad, happily treating pets in 11 areas across the UK, has now arrived in London. Local veterinary surgeons Dr Peter Hiscox and Dr Sinead Clancy can come to your house and see your cat, dog or other companion animal, offering both examinations and treatments from your home.

Co-founder Francesco Cardoletti said: “Far too many pet owners avoid taking their pet to the vets, because of the incredible stress it puts on the animal. The response we have seen from owners to having access to a vet from the comfort of their home, where the pet is more relaxed, has been overwhelming.”

On average, visits last around 40 minutes and can cover anything from a nose that won’t stop sneezing to itchy paws and those all-important yearly vaccinations. PawSquad vets also work with local partner practices so that emergency treatment, surgeries and advanced diagnostics are as accessible as they were with your previous vet. Plus any medications are delivered to your door the very next day.

Best of all, PawSquad allows you to build a relationship with your vet, so that they can get to know your pet and all their niggles. Appointments can be made at a time to suit your schedule, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. The PawSquad app keeps track of appointments, consultation notes and pet medical history and can be downloaded straight to your phone. The app also has a chat function, putting you in touch with your local vet when you need them the most.

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Pet owners across the country have been quick to recommend PawSquad to their friends. Local cat owner Elizabeth commented that Dr Peter Hiscox “was great. He arrived on time and was able to give my cat, Max, his check-up in the comfort of his home, where he feels safe. He also gave Max his annual vaccination and treatment, it was such a great service.”

PawSquad’s professionals are part of a network of vets across the country that covers Edinburgh, Bournemouth and Southampton amongst others. This means that customers – in addition to having a home visit vet as their new family vet – also benefit from access to the extended team of PawSquad vets that are available via video and text message consultations for round-the-clock support via the app.

Promising a throwback to a time when the local vet was an integral part of the community, PawSquad continues to surge in popularity as vets, pet owners and most importantly the animals themselves benefit from a much more personal level of care.

PawSquad has a limited number of pet places available in and around the Hampstead and Highgate area, so hop to it if you want to get on their books. You can register now so you are all set when you need them.

Home-based consultations cost from £48, with no call-out fees. For more information, call 0203 475 1929 or visit You can also see what local pet owners have to say about PawSquad, as well as local vets Dr Peter Hiscox and Dr Sinead Clancy on TrustPilot.