Former lawyer's dream of helping customers get a good night's sleep

Anna McKay co-creator of the Zeez Sleep Pebble

Anna McKay co-creator of the Zeez Sleep Pebble - Credit: Anton Gottlob-Schoenenberg

A former lawyer from Crouch End says her innovation has helped people suffering from disturbed sleep during lockdown.

Anna McKay, along with former IBM engineer Steve Walpole, created the Zeez Sleep Pebble.

The pair claim the device, which is placed under the pillow, emits pulses which match the brainwaves of a good sleeper.

Anna was previously the head of intellectual property at a firm of solicitors, mainly taking on pharmaceutical companies.

"I wanted to work on something that has the ability to be really life changing. I don’t regret leaving law for a second and frankly there is no comparison," she said.

“The ability to change people’s lives in this way is extraordinary.”

After a car crash in the late '70s Steve created a computer that allowed him to analyse his brain. He concluded that certain frequencies were missing from his frontal lobe, and that he could reintroduce them.

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He went on to sell migraine devices using an early precursor to Zeez Sleep’s technology, before the company crashed in the early 90s.

The pair launched their first Zeez Sleep model in 2018 and Anna said mass testing to achieve medical status is one of their aims.


The Zeez Sleep Pebble

The Zeez Sleep Pebble - Credit: Zeez Sleep