Young Readers: Saved from a terrible fate because I knew the school better than they did

“Oh my GOD!” I said as I held my head in my hands.

“What is it, darling?” my mum asked, concerned.

“I left my homework at school.” I groaned.

“Well, it’s not too late. I could drive you back to school quickly,” she replied.

I didn’t really want to go back to school but Ms Bomingham would KILL me if I didn’t do my homework.

“OK, fine, just drop me off quickly,” I said.

We got caught in the early rush hour traffic and by the time we arrived it was already nearly six o’clock.

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As I entered the school, the huge, metal gate clanged shut ominously behind me.

When I entered the building, it was eerily silent.

As I walked past the stairs, I thought I heard a strange shuffling noise.

I froze in terror. I tried to convince myself that it was just the air vent.

But no.

The sound definitely resembled footsteps.

I tried to run but my legs were rooted to the ground.

The shuffling grew louder. I tried to scream but my voice wouldn’t work.

And to make matters worse, there seemed to be more than one shuffling noise coming from my classroom. 5, 10, 20 then 50.

Finally my voice worked again and then I saw the hideous creatures.

“ZOMBIES!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

But as I looked closer, I would have laughed, if I wasn’t about to get eaten by a pack of ravenous zombies: because they were the school cleaners!

I couldn’t stand there all day waiting for them to rip me to pieces so I quickly moved into action.

I couldn’t fight all of them but I had one advantage: I knew this school a lot better than they did.

I suddenly came up with a plan.

I jogged to the basement door, not wanting them to give up on me.

I went down the stairs and led them out the side door.

Then I sprinted with all my energy back to the front door where I went inside again.

I slammed the door in their faces. Effectively, I had just led them in a circle.

I darted into my classroom and grabbed my homework book and went back outside through the side door and sneaked past the dumb creatures still fiddling with the front door.

I ran all the way home and I saw my dad doing the washing and I was so relieved but there was a feeling tugging at the back of my mind that I had forgotten something.

It was a whole ten minutes before I realised that I had left my mum in our car all the way back in Highgate!