Young Readers: Earthquake unleashes a zombie nightmare

Once upon a time in a cemetery not so far away the spirits would arise. It happened for the first time as the clock strikes twelve.

The low sound of the bells would echo around the surrounding estate. Dong! Dong! Dong!

Two teenagers had snuck in. One had white skin, freckles, and black hair. His eyes were blue and his braces were green. The other had black hair, dark skin and a blue hoodie.

As he spat the earthquake happened. Just a slight shake it was, nothing too severe, but they still felt it, still ran. Then the zombies emerged. They were wearing the clothes from when they died.

One zombie, who was in a suit, groaned and managed to say “You know where zombies come from?” He had red eyes, bumpy skin with patches coming off and a pistol in one of his two raised arms. He then said “Vampires!” But it was too late. They were dead.

“Back to your graves!” ordered the Transylvanian count.

And the two must die every night. So watch out next time you hear:

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Dong! DONG! Dong!

Two die every night. So beware... your end is nigh.