Extinction Rebellion calls for council action ahead of climate summit

XR campaigners outside Haringey Civic Centre

XR campaigners outside Haringey Civic Centre - Credit: XR Haringey 

Extinction Rebellion (XR) last week pressed for Haringey Council to make good on its climate ambitions in a letter sent to the council. 

The campaigning organisation's Haringey group called on the council to generate more ambitious plans for cleaner air, stronger tree protections, healthier streets, less waste and improved recycling, as well ethical pension investments in the green economy.  

In 2019 Haringey Council declared a climate emergency and in March it approved a plan to go net-zero by 2041.

Campaigner Jane Leggett said: “The council declared a climate emergency two years ago now, but in 2021 what has been achieved?

"We have a climate action plan, but little-to-no progress. We, the people of Haringey, are standing up and asking our council to act before it’s too late.”

XR Haringey claims Haringey is falling behind other boroughs in environmental terms citing, for example, Haringey's household recycling rate of only 29.7%.

The letter references the warning given by the 2018 IPCC that 12 years remained to avert catastrophe from runaway global heating caused by fossil fuel emissions.

It calls on the council to develop a biodiversity action plan to protect trees, following Haringey’s tree felling earlier this year

A spokesperson for Haringey Council said it is working on a biodiversity action plan that includes non-invasive management and re-wilding, addressing issues raised by the letter.

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Anita Chandler, a co-author of the letter, said: “We want to say to the council: we’re watching.

“We thought our suggestions would be relatively quick wins for the council to show that they’re moving the right direction.” 

“We’re not declaring rebellion in Haringey because we’ve got a new cabinet and we want to believe that they are more ambitious.”

Cllr Mike Hakata, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, transport and the climate emergency, said: “Climate change is the number one social justice issue facing our planet, with economic justice, migrant justice, employment and health justice and many more battles, all intertwined. We are committed to reversing the impact this is already having on the marginalised and vulnerable.

“The cabinet and I are keen to deliver policies and projects with the community through co-design and the sharing of ideas.  As such I welcome XR's feedback on areas of action on climate change and we will support community groups who are helping across the borough to deliver net zero carbon.”