Work from home or face a 2012 Olympics marathon

�North Londoners will be asked to work from home during the 2012 Olympics to prevent overcrowding on the capital’s public transport system.

The Prime Minister joined Lord Coe and London Mayor Boris Johnson last Wednesday to celebrate the one year countdown until the Games begin.

Mr Cameron promised London’s would be the “greatest games”.

But Transport for London (TfL) has also warned that there needs to be a 30 per cent reduction in commuters to keep the transport system moving next summer.

There are currently 12 million journeys made a day on London’s public transport.

But TfL estimates this will rise to 15 million a day during the Olympics.

One of the trouble spots is expected to be King’s Cross, where commuters could face delays of up to an hour.

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The special Javelin train will travel from King’s Cross to Stratford. But TfL warns that, due to overcrowding, other services could be affected.

It plans to run a poster campaign to encourage Londoners to work from home or take alternative routes.

Small businesses are also being urged to plan ahead as huge delays on roads are expected to cause problems for delivery vans.

Transport bosses are also asking businesses to consider creating flexible working hours for staff so that they do not have to travel at peak times.

Chris Freeman, of Dunns Bakery in Crouch End Broadway, said: “We already have a variable workforce in terms of when people start and finish.

“I think TfL needs to get its act together. They shouldn’t expect businesses in London to pick up the pieces for their inefficiencies.

“Why can’t TfL run the buses and tubes 24/7 to create flexibility on the transport services? We’ll be disadvantaged enough because of the VIP traffic lanes which will cause congestion for ordinary people. I don’t see why Londoners should be penalised for failings in the transport system.”

Renata Giacobazzi, of Giacobazzi’s Italian delicatessen in South End Green, is not too worried about the disruption.

“The Olympics is going to be so amazing for London. I hope everyone will work together to make it wonderful for the visitors,” she said.

London’s Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy said: “All transport improvements are on track to be delivered well ahead of the Games.

“But with millions of people coming to enjoy the Games and all that London and the UK have to offer, transport networks will be severely affected.”

n Businesses are advised to visit to plan ahead for the Games.