Word on the Street: Disruption, noise and pollution will create a hostile environment


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Following their so called public Construction Management Plan consultation and after hundreds of objections, 100 Avenue Road developers, EL, now propose to extend the period of a minimum of 14 construction vehicle movements per day through the Park, market and Winchester Road.

The extension is from three months to three years - with 7 x 34 ft tipper trucks and cement mixers turning around in the park to go back out through the square again.

There will inevitably be times when trucks will have to pass each other and there is no space for that to happen.

The proposed route simply cannot sustain such massive lorries every 15 - 20 minutes for three weeks, let alone for three years.

To make space for these manoeuvres EL propose removing hedges and lampposts along the green to widen the path (with mesh and gravel – not conducive for buggies or wheelchairs).

It is unacceptable to commandeer our public green space for heavy construction vehicles that could otherwise use the A41.

It is like requisitioning someone else’s back garden to develop a neighbouring site.

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This level of disruption, noise and pollution will render the park a hostile environment for all users.

Because it will take longer to build from the A41 only, Transport for London (TfL) won’t accept our proposal to do so, “given the ongoing impacts to the CS11 scheme” [CMP].

Since there is no guarantee that CS11 can even continue beyond their tiny strip by the Odeon, pending agreement from Camden, Westminster and Royal Parks, the mayor should suspend this section of CS11 until after the 100 Avenue Road Development is built – especially given his commitment to reduce pollution in local streets and open spaces.

A Cycle Superhighway to nowhere would do less to serve cyclists and everything to keep the developers happy with their promised quiet precinct for their luxury apartments.

“Internal TfL approval agreed on March 15, 2018 with a proposed construction start date end of May/ beginning of June” [CMP]

No account has been given as to how to manage the combined traffic from the Chalcotts recladding programme and 100 Avenue Road construction along Winchester Road.

Never at any point have the market stallholders been consulted with about this plan or even informed of the proposals. Yet they are the ones who will be impacted directly by the 34ft tipper trucks and cement mixers moving within inches of their stalls.

There are no plans to consult with them.

The current plan to combine both 100 Avenue Road and CS11 construction will in any case mean at least a year of close quarter ‘impact’ on cyclists from a continual stream of HGV’s, once CS11 is operational. To avoid unnecessary impact to both pedestrians and cyclists these schemes need to be carried out separately.

To request that TfL suspend their section of CS11 until after 100 Avenue Road is built - write to Sadiq Khan: mayor@london.gov.uk and CC Andrew Dismore: andrew.dismore@london.gov.uk