Win one of three copies of The Universe - The Complete Season Three

SPECTACULAR SPACE EXPLORATION WITH THE THIRD HIT SEASON OF THE UNIVERSE , THE GALAXY-SPANNING SERIES FROM HISTORY� Prepare for blast-off as bestselling show The Universe sets out on a third epic voyage of discovery! Fan favourite The Universe ret


Prepare for blast-off as bestselling show 'The Universe' sets out on a third epic voyage of discovery!

Fan favourite 'The Universe' returns to DVD and high resolution Blu-ray for a third season of galaxy-spanning space exploration. Combining strikingly realistic computer graphics with spectacular NASA footage, the popular series provides unprecedented insight into the mysteries of our universe... and beyond.

From startling new evidence indicating the existence of parallel universes to the perils and pitfalls that humanity will face as we venture further into the depths of space, 'The Universe' takes viewers on a fascinating journey to the edge of the unknown. See how NASA is arming itself with the latest technology to pre-empt an apocalyptic meteor strike. Discover how creatures on Earth could help us understand life on alien planets. Learn why some scientists believe that we could break the 'light barrier', making the sci-fi dream of interstellar travel a reality.

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Shot in high definition and packed with state-of-the-art CGI graphics.

This top-rated franchise, with a cumulative audience of over 50 million viewers in the US, was the number one bestselling HISTORY(tm) series on DVD for 2008.

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Features all 12 episodes from Season Three, including: 'Deep Space Disasters'; 'Parallel Universes'; 'Light Speed'; 'Sex In Space'; 'Alien Faces'; 'Deadly Comets And Meteors'; 'Living In Space'; 'Stopping Armageddon'; 'Another Earth'; 'Strangest Things'; 'Edge Of Time' and 'Cosmic Phenomena', plus bonus features.

3 Blu-ray discs - 22 March 2010, �29.99

4 DVD Digipak - 22 March 2010, �24.99

This prize comes courtesy of Go Entertain and HISTORY, and is also available from

To enter simply answer the following question;

Which is the only planet in the Solar System not to be named after a mythical God?

a) Earth

b) Mars

c) Uranus

To be in with a chance of winning simply click here and fill in the form using the 'Comp Name' UNIVERSE.

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