Wilds of Muswell Hill woods inspire high-fashion photo shoot

The rugged beauty of Coldfall Woods has inspired a photographer to stage a high-end fashion shoot in the wilds.

Caron Westbrook was struck with the idea during a walk through the woods in Muswell Hill with her dog Phoebe.

She turned her mental image of long gowns in the wilderness into a reality during the photo shoot on November 12.

The 31-year-old, a long-time Muswell Hill resident, said: “The woods are absolutely beautiful and they’re local. I thought this could be such a great place to shoot.”

But few designers were willing to release their expensive gowns until she contacted Adebayo Jones, a veteran of the fashion industry for 25 years who has dressed celebrities and socialites including Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego.

He was more than happy to let her use his dresses and Caron photographed model Alice Grist, who lives in Barnet, at the shoot styled by hair artist Kasia Fortuna and make-up artist Jasmine Mathieson.

“The whole thing looked absolutely lovely,” said Caron. “The designer was very pleased.

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“I was very proud. It was something I wanted to do and I managed to get it all together.”