Who’s Who: Primrose Hill Interiors shop owner Phil Cowan talks about his passion for Primrose Hill

Phil Cowan, owner of Primrose Hill Interiors, has lived in Primrose Hill for 16 years

Phil Cowan, owner of Primrose Hill Interiors, has lived in Primrose Hill for 16 years - Credit: Archant

Phil Cowan, 46 has lived in Albert Terrace, Primrose Hill, for 16 years and has owned vintage furniture and jewellery shop, Primrose Hill Interiors, for 10 years. In that time he has campaigned tirelessly for the survival of the village’s high street, Regent’s Park Road.

What bought you to Primrose Hill?

The area has so many assets – the parks, the independent eclectic shops and a real sense of a village community.

What is your favourite thing about the area?

I live at the apex where Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park meet. It’s a wonderful location.

What is the worst thing?

The destruction of what used to be a great shopping area due to the huge rents being demanded and the consequent arrival of chain stores.

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If you had £100 to blow in Primrose Hill where would you spend it?

I would enjoy a great time at the Princess of Wales, one of our best pubs. They do fantastic food, a great pub quiz and live jazz on a Sunday.

What is missing from the area?

The results of a recent survey showed good independent basic shops such as a butcher and a baker and we all very much miss Sesame (wholefood shop).

What makes you smile on your way home?

I’m lucky to know lots of people here and I like to smile at all of them!

If you were mayor for a day, what would you change?

I would like to further enhance links and contacts between all the people of our community.

How would you spend your perfect Sunday?

A lovely long walk with my dogs through Regent’s Park followed by lunch at one of our area’s many fine restaurants.

What tips would you give to somebody moving in to the area?

I’d urge people to shop locally and become involved with campaigns and projects – they will soon find they have lots of friends.

Where in the world would you twin with Primrose Hill?

I would twin Primrose Hill with Mumbai just for the complete contrast. We could probably learn lots from each other’s opposite experience.

If you had to write your own epitaph what would it say?

Cheers, thanks a lot!