Whittington Hospital launches clean hands campaign to combat superbugs and infections

The Whittington Hospital has stepped up its fight against infections by launching a campaigning urging staff, patients and visitors to stop and clean their hands.

The Whittington Warriors campaign promotes hand hygiene, which can have a significant impact on reducing infections and saving lives.

Around a third of infections are preventable and the hospital says good hand hygiene is the main way of reducing them.

Alison Kett, deputy director of nursing at Whittington Health, the trust that runs the hospital in Magdala Avenue, Archway, said: “By following quick and easy hand hygiene measures, our staff, visitors and patients are helping to stop the spread of bacterial infections such as MRSA and clostridium difficile. Effective hand hygiene is the main way of reducing infections and can help to save lives.”

The campaign features new hand hygiene stations at the hospital’s entrances and posters featuring staff urging people to “Join the Whittington Warriors”.