Where’s Wally? is spotted in West Hampstead

Children’s character Wally is normally a master of disguise, blending in with his surroundings making him near impossible to spot.

But not this Wally who was snapped and papped on Saturday as he wandered around West Hampstead, sticking out like a sore thumb.

To celebrate 25 years since Hampstead-born artist Martin Handford first book was released, bookshop West End Lane Books sent out their own Wally for people to find, with the winner claiming a �25 book voucher.

Wally was spied loitering outside the library, near the fire station and cosying up to a cow advertising the new West Hampstead farmers market on Saturday.

Leon Mason, from the book store, said: “He got dressed up and went running around West Hampstead and people were tweeting (sending messages through a micro-blogging website) where he was.

“We did get quite a few people through the door because of it and we sold quite a few Where’s Wally? books.”