Westminster backtracks on parking fines after media pressure

Westminster Council has agreed to write to all motorists who were wrongly given �60,000 worth of parking tickets after pressure from the Wood&Vale.

On Thursday the Wood&Vale reported the council could make a profit of tens of thousands of pounds from its own mistake after issuing �130 fines to 445 drivers on the Lisson Green Estate between April 4 and October 23.

Parking chiefs admitted all tickets issued during that time were unenforceable as it was a trial period.

But they said refunds would only be given out on receipt of a written request with details of when, where and why the parking ticket was issued.

However, the council has now agreed to change its policy by actively contacting every person who was wrongly issued a ticket to tell them they are eligible for a refund.

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Parking boss Cllr Lee Rowley said: “Following a complaint a full investigation was carried out and we are confident this will not happen again.

“In line with our usual policy we will be offering refunds to customers who apply.

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“We will also be issuing a letter to the Residents Association for inclusion in their newsletter and will add notes to the website as a way of communicating this.

“As a one-off, and because we take this very seriously, we will also be writing to every individual who has had a ticket and who we have details for.”

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