West Hampstead man vows to live in his car until clamp is removed

A West Hampstead man has vowed to live in his clamped car until a private enforcement company releases it - and he’s kept his promise for two nights.

Edward Saldanha, 54, from West End Lane, had his car clamped by private clamping firm CES on Tuesday in the car park behind his house because his permit was not displayed on the windshield – but he had a valid permit inside his house which he presented to the clampers. When CES attempted to tow away the car Mr Saldanha jumped behind the wheel and two of his four daughters, aged 12 and nine sat in the backseat in support of their dad’s protest.

CES says he must pay �365 to release the car from the pound.

Just four weeks ago Mr Saldanha was paid �620 in compensation by CES after he took another contested clamping to court

Speaking to the Ham&High on Wednesday morning – after an uncomfortable night’s sleep with a toothbrush, blanket and cup of tea littering the floor of his car – his resolve was unbroken.

He said: “Every day I take the girls to school but today their mummy had to walk them because I have to stay in the car. It is ridiculous but it is a point of principle. I will stay here for a week if I need to, I will stay here until they take the clamp off my car. If I leave they will tow it away.”

Innisfree housing association which owns the property and employs CES, was unavailable for comment.