West Hampstead man ‘builds plane and motor boat’ in second floor flat

A man who allegedly built a boat and a plane in his small second floor flat has been warned by a housing association not to use it as a workshop.

Neighbours complained about sawing and hammering noises coming from the flat in Holmdale Road, West Hampstead.

Stephen Meinhold, who lives in the flat below and has severe anxiety problems, said he had been left in a state of “constant fear” because of the noise.

The tenant above was the subject of a court order last year to stop him using his home as a workshop.

The fresh allegations prompted officials from housing association Genesis to return to the property this week.

Genesis say measures have now been agreed with the tenant to resolve the problem.

Neighbours say the man has built a microlight aeroplane, complete with cockpit, in the flat and is now putting the finishing touches to a 12ft by 10ft motor boat.

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Mr Meinhold, 56, said: “We get hammering, drilling, sawing and god knows what else he is doing.

“Often it’s the noise of heavy objects being dropped on the floor and that shakes the whole building.”

He added: “I had been seeing a doctor and a therapist and it has been helping a great deal with my anxiety, and I was beginning to make a great deal of progress.

‘‘But ever since this has happened it has made me a lot worse.

“I’m not sleeping and when I am, I wake up with nightmares because I don’t know what is going to happen next.”

The tenant could face eviction if he is found to be in breach of last year’s court order.

The Ham&High visited the flat and a man believed to be occupying the property said: “I have nothing to say to you.”