Royal Free organises a ‘wedding’ for patient undergoing high risk surgery

Dawne Le Good and Bill Pope with the clinical team at the Royal Free after their "marriage." Picture

Dawne Le Good and Bill Pope with the clinical team at the Royal Free after their "marriage." Picture: Royal Free Hospital - Credit: Archant

The Royal Free hastily put together a mock wedding for a patient and her boyfriend, when she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Dawne Le Good was in hospital after a heart attack when she got an infection. Doctors told her she needed urgent surgery.

Because the 51-year-old was still recovering from her heart attack, doctors said the surgery was risky. So Dawne and her partner Bill Pope decided they should marry.

Sadly there wasn't a registrar available to provide a marriage licence, so the trust's chaplain Revd Claire Carson gave the couple a blessing before the operation.

Nurses bought them a bouquet, some alcohol-free bubbly and found Bill a corsage. Since the ceremony late last month she is on the mend.

She said: "I was very scared. They explained that they didn't know whether I would survive the operation. I was thinking of my daughter Emily who was on a school trip to Berlin. I felt how far away she was and I was devastated that I might not see her again."

Dawne and Bill are now planning a real wedding, so they can celebrate with friends and family.

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