Camden council says DIY shovelling scheme is a success

CAMDEN’S ‘big society’ style programme to hand out shovels to residents to do their own gritting has been a success, Town Hall officials claimed today.

More than 1,000 shovels have been given to community groups, businesses and residents under the scheme during the recent blast of wintry weather.

And they have helped keep pathways clear alongside gritting of main walkways.

Environment boss, Cllr Sue Vincent said: “I’m pleased that communities and neighbours are pulling together to help the council as we work to clear and make safe as many footpaths as possible.

“Any residents who would like a snow shovel can contact the council and play their part over what is expected to be a prolonged period of wintry weather”.

The council has also defended the level of professional gritting throughout the borough.

200 staff worked between 5.30am and 10.30pm on Saturday on footpaths, as vehicles targeted priority roads using over 200 tonnes of salt

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Areas targeted first included stations, roads around hospitals and schools.

In some areas though Camden Council said the grit was ineffective at reducing the icy conditions as the temperatures continued to drop even further.

Shovels are still available from the Regis Road recycling centre between 8am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday, but only to established groups with four shovels handed to each.

Those eligible are residents associations, business groups, volunteer organisations, friends of parks groups and scouts groups.

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