Business almost as usual in snowy Camden

SNOW is still coming down across north London this morning threatening an interruption to services across the area.

In Camden traffic wardens have been called off side roads in the north of the borough while street cleaning was suspended to make way for the gritters.

A comment on Camden’s website read: “We are currently not enforcing parking on side roads in the north of the borough. Main roads in the north of the borough, and all roads in the south of the borough are being enforced as normal. Our street cleansing service is currently suspended to enable staff to clear pavements.”

Meanwhile Cantelowes Skate Park was closed because of the icy conditions.

Priority for gritting was being given to main roads and pavements across the area and no schools have yet been closed by the weather.

Most youngsters were already enjoying the frosty weather and the festive look it brought to Hampstead and Highgate.

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