Weary Ploughman's Chris Snowdon Shares his Stir up Sunday Recipe

Chris Snowdon, Head Chef of The Weary Ploughman at Churston in South Devon offers you a favourite Christmas pudding recipe to make at home.Weary Ploughman Christmas pudding recipe

Preparation time. Soak fruits for as long as possible, turning weekly in a sealed container.

This will make 2 1.5 litre plastic pudding basins.

350g  sultanas

350g raisins

150g chopped dried figs

125g candied peel

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100g dried apricots

75g dark glace cherries

150ml brandy

1 500 ml can of Guinness

100g ginger in syrup- chopped plus 2 tbsp of the syrup

Place all these ingredients in a sealable container, mix well and cover.

When ready to make, which we recommend anytime after the beginning of December, add the following ingredients:

2 quinces, grated

2 oranges, juiced and zested

6 beaten eggs

250g shredded suet

350g muscovado sugar or dark brown soft

250g fresh breadcrumbs(recommend using sliced wholemeal bread for this as it comes down to a nice fine crumb in a food processor)

175g Self raising flour

1 1/2 tsp mixed spice.

4 tbsp black treacle

Mix very well!! I recommend putting some disposable gloves on and really working it all through your fingers!! Get really messy!!

Butter the 2 pudding basins and divide the mix between them.

Cut 2 circles of baking parchment as big as the top of the basin and rest lightly on top of the mix allowing it to move when the pudding expands

Put lids on the basins and steam for 3 ½ hours!

Let the puddings cool and then remove the baking parchment. Wrap well in cling film and seal in an airtight container until Christmas !!

To reheat steam gently for approx. 3 hrs turn out and then flame with brandy!!! Yummy

For more information about Chris Snowdon and the Weary Ploughman at Churston visit wearyploughman.co.uk