We’re still in dark over depot’s development

A PUBLIC exhibition of plans to convert Hornsey depot into a supermarket and housing complex has failed to ease anxiety over how the development will fit into the area

Charlotte Newton

A PUBLIC exhibition of plans to convert Hornsey depot into a supermarket and housing complex has failed to ease anxiety over how the development will fit into the area.

The Hornsey Works For Your Neighbourhood show was on display at Campsbourne Baptist Church last week.

It detailed plans to develop the depot into a Sainsbury's, with underground parking facilities for 107 cars and 300 homes of mixed residential and social housing.

The depot is in the High Street and currently houses a recycling unit and car compound.

But traders and residents have criticised the lack of information about how the proposed development will affect the existing community.

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They are worried about how busy roads such as the High Street will cope with an extra 300 cars, whether local schools will have places for an influx of children and how the development will hit doctors' surgeries.

Robert Gorrie, Lib Dem councillor for Hornsey, said: "This is not about whether we should have this development.

"The site is derelict and I haven't met anyone who is opposed to it. But residents want to know how it will fit into the rest of the High Street.

"There were lots of pretty pictures up at the exhibition but very little information on how this development will integrate and contribute to the community.

"If you add up the 300 new homes proposed for this area and the 600 new homes in the New River development which is just down the road - that totals a quarter of the houses in Hornsey.

"What's more, there were no council officers on hand to answer questions.

"The council left the property developers to carry the weight of responsibility."

Chris Freeman, chairman of Crouch End Traders, said: "It was a great shame there was nobody there who could answer any questions on the detail of the project because I wanted to know about traffic flow and how the development will affect trade in Crouch End.

"It was impossible to engage in meaningful dialogue with the people who ran the exhibition because they weren't familiar with the plans for the site."

Lee Fitzpatrick, development manager of the Inner Circle Group property developers, said: "There will be a full traffic impact assessment carried out and we do have plans to open up Myddleton Road.

"We also have plans to put in a new traffic light junction outside Sainsbury's, pedestrian crossing and speed bumps."

But Councillor Charles Adje, Haringey's resources boss, said: "The exhibition is just the start of the developer's consultation at the pre-planning stage.

"This will help the developers to become aware of local residents' concerns. All the issues mentioned will be taken into account during the formal planning process before any decision is made."

Anyone wishing to view the plans for the Hornsey depot can log on to www.hornsey works.com.

Residents can also comment on the proposals online.


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