New education area planned in Waterlow Park

Picnic at Waterlow Park 3

Waterlow Park - Credit: Archant

A new nature education area is set to be created in Waterlow Park in Highgate.

Camden Council and the Friends of Waterlow Park (FoWP) asked the public to have its say about setting up a new nature education area with a consultation ending in February.

Proposals included a space with log seating that can be used like an outdoor classroom or by people spending time observing nature.

A gated border was suggested to keep out dogs so wildlife would not be disturbed. 

Concerns were raised that the space would be used by private enterprises, with a petition to "save Waterlow Park from privatisation" receiving more than 1,000 signatures. But both the council and FoWP deny that the area will be closed off to the general public. 

A Camden Council spokesperson said the proposed nature education area will "be open to everyone while creating a place for groups, such as local schools, to explore and learn about nature".