Vigilante cyclist patrols Highgate to expose dangerous drivers

A vigilante cyclist who patrols Highgate is trying to crack down on careless driving by exposing motorists on the internet.

Lewis Dediare, the self-styled Traffic Droid, roams streets around Hampstead Heath on his “iron horse” with a �300 camera mounted on his head to ensnare drivers who he claims put him in danger.

The 47-year-old, who has been knocked off his bike twice in two years, issues around 200 “self-analysis tickets” a month.

The flyer directs drivers to his YouTube account where they can watch their alleged misdemeanours.

He said: “Initially it started out because I had an accident two years ago and I was hit head-on by a motorist who said he hadn’t seen me. You need evidence and a camera will not lie if anyone disputes what happened.

“I don’t go out looking for trouble, it just happens in London - being the crazy city that it is.”

Mr Dediare, who works in telecoms in Regent’s Park, has been called a “peeping Tom” and been accused of flouting privacy.

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His camera runs constantly and captures everything he sees cycling up Swains Lane in Highgate towards the Heath, where he regularly goes kite flying.

The cyclist claims his videos show motorists talking on mobile phones, jumping red lights and speeding through zebra crossings.

But Roger Lawson, London co-ordinator for the Association of British Drivers, said cyclists also cause danger on the road.

He said: “There are a lot more aggressive cyclists than drivers. These Lycra louts have a certain attitude that they have a right of way and will not stop for anyone.

“It’s a particular problem in London where there’s this culture that they think they have a priority over other people.”

Green Cllr Maya De Souza, who cycles six miles to work in Westminster from her home in Tufnell Park, welcomed any idea which made the road safer for cyclists.

She said: “I think it’s quite useful to show drivers that sometimes they might drive in a way which is actually quite dangerous to cyclists. It could be anything from opening a car door to when cars edge out into the cycle lane.”