VIDEO: Lovesick swan crash lands on Flask Walk

A HOME-WRECKER swan crash landed on Flask Walk this weekend after her would-be lover chased her out of his pond.

The flirty swan had been ruffling the feathers of a neighbouring swan family on Hampstead Heath for a couple of weeks by making a move for the cob of the house.

But the dedicated father-of-four was unimpressed with her amorous intentions and, with a little help from his cygnet, booted her out of his pond – half a mile away to the Hampstead shopping area.

The provocative pen was discovered after a resident heard an ‘almighty crash’ and rushed out to see her waddling along the road.

Hampstead Heath’s Ranger Supervisor, Danny Murphy, had repeatedly picked the swan off the banks of the Number One pond after repeated rejections from the cob of her choice

Although she is not originally from the Heath, Mr Murphy has been putting her in a neighbouring swimming spot in case she’s attacked by a dog.

But on Saturday the “feisty” strumpet fled with broken heart to Flask Walk making sure everyone knew about her arrival, disrupting traffic, waking neighbours and even leading to calls for back-up from Camden police.

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Mr Murphy said he quickly realised the identity of the trouble-maker when he received the call.

“I immediately knew it was the rogue female who had been creating all the trouble on the Heath,” he said. “For the last couple of weeks she has been trying to steal the mate away from his partner. She’s really a feisty one and she won’t give up.

“The female and the male have been taking turns to fight her out of the pond and the kids have been involved too.

“It’s all been going on – our very own Heath scandal, like Wayne Rooney or something. She must have been thrown out yet again on Saturday and flown off.

“When the residents found her on Flask Walk she was lost, tired and confused but luckily not injured. In fact she was still pretty feisty and tried to attack me a couple of times.”

Gareth Weetman, of Flask Walk, watched the drama unfold.

He said: “My wife called up to tell me there was a swan on the road. At first I didn’t believe her, I thought it was just going to be a plastic bag or something but sure enough when I went outside there it was.

“No one saw her land so we can’t be sure how she got there but the lady on the road said that she had heard an almighty noise so it must have crashed.

“She was looking a little dazed and confused. From what we could see she hadn’t broken her wing or legs but she just didn’t know what to do with herself, so she did the next best thing and sat in the middle of the road.”

The drama increased after a resident called the police and five officers and Mr Murphy flocked to the scene. Another concerned neighbour placed a chair in front of the swan to protect it from advancing cars.

Mr Weetman continued: “At one point a little girl dressed as a fairy walked by and we had this scene of five policemen, a parks officer a swan and a princess standing on the road. I half expected a unicorn to turn up. It was certainly a surreal way to start a Saturday morning.

“Eventually after a fraught few minutes during which the police and the parks officer tried to calm the swan to transport her, she was finally arrested and escorted off the road back to the Heath.”

The wrong-turn has had a good outcome for the sassy swan though – she has now been relocated to a sanctuary in Wembley to recuperate and find a more appropriate target for her affections.