Valentine's Day Recipe - Tiramisu

Philippa teaches Jonny from Lancashire One how to impress the girls with his tiramisu.

Video by Lancashire One

For more food videos from Philippa vist Tigger's Kitchen at Lancashire One - here

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 Madeira sponge cake

1 tub of Mascarpone soft cheese

1 carton of custard

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1 small carton of double cream

Flaked almonds, or grated chocolate to decorate

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Make coffee mixture first:


1. Mix four teaspoons of coffee with just enough boiling water to cover the granules, stir well and allow to cool. Once cold, add a good glug of Tia Maria, or Amaretto

2. Trim the crust off the sponge, and cut sponge into small cubes. Put half into four glasses and trickle half the coffee mixture over the sponge bases.

3. While this is soaking, mix half the custard with half the tub of Mascarpone and beat until smooth then dollop half this mixture over the sponge bases.

4. Repeat for second layer – cake, coffee, creamy mixture. Then either drizzle some cream on the top, or whip lightly and pipe on top.

5. Decorate with flaked almonds or grate some chocolate onto the cream.The custard, cream and cheese will keep in the fridge, covered, for a couple of days

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