TV repair man is killed in 50ft fall

A TV repairman was killed when he plunged 50 feet from the roof of a Belsize Park house on Sunday morning

Marc Mullen

A TV repairman was killed when he plunged 50 feet from the roof of a Belsize Park house on Sunday morning.

The owner of a flat in Belsize Park Gardens called out the workman to adjust a satellite dish after high winds blew it out of position overnight.

A woman next door was in her bathroom just before 11am when the man landed on the tiled floor just feet from her window.

One horrified neighbour who rushed to the scene took the man's pulse as another called an ambulance. A medic in a fast response car and two ambulances arrived minutes later but the man was already dead.

Myung Zuboff, who lives in the same building, returned from St John's Church in Downshire Hill, with her husband and two young children to find her alleyway screened off.

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She said: "The lady downstairs came out, saw the body and started screaming. When we came back from church I could see it. There was blood everywhere. We just tried to get the children into the house quickly."

Belsize Park Gardens and Lambolle Place were cordoned off as police gathered evidence into Sunday evening.

A police spokesman said: "We were called to an incident where an engineer had fallen while working on the roof.

"A police helicopter attended and the matter was referred to the Health and Safety Executive. It is not being treated as a crime."

The man's van was left parked outside the house until Monday evening and a parking ticket had been slapped on the windscreen, despite one resident's note pleading: "Please do not ticket."

Ms Zuboff said: "It was obviously a terrible accident. It will take a lot of time for us to get over what happened.

"My husband couldn't sleep. I'm sure nobody could sleep and I can't imagine how his poor family are.

"I went to my Bible group meeting this morning and had to share what had happened. It was just so traumatic and the group was very supportive.''