Tulip Siddiq delays caesarean section for Brexit vote – and MP hopes to back no-confidence motion from wheelchair too

Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq. Picture: Chris McAndrew/Creative Commons

Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq. Picture: Chris McAndrew/Creative Commons - Credit: Chris McAndrew/Creative Commons

Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has delayed having a caesarean section in order to vote in today’s Brexit vote – and if the Labour Party table a no-confidence motion tomorrow, she’ll vote on that too, “under any circumstances” possible.

The MP is due to give birth to her second child, but as she is a “high-risk” pregnancy, doctors at the Royal Free Hospital were keen to arrange a caesarean section to deliver the baby.

However, when it became clear that the final vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal would take place today, Tulip asked doctors if she could delay the operation until the end of the week.

A spokesperson for Tulip told the Ham&High: “She feels the voting system is archaic. The pairing system isn’t sufficient. It wouldn’t allow her name to be recorded, and it’s not trustworthy anyway.

“The constituency is so engaged, and the demographics here are exceptional. There as no way in hell she wasn’t going to have her name recorded.”

Tulip is expected to be wheeled through the House of Commons division lobby by her husband Chris.

And what happens if her waters break during tonights debate or the vote itself? This newspaper was told: “It’d be an emergency situation, and an emergency caesarean would be different, but that would really be a damning indictment on the Westminster voting system, wouldn’t it?”

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With the Prime Minister’s future should she lose tonights vote uncertain, and Jeremy Corbyn thought likely to call a no-confidence vote in the Government if that happens, Tulip’s vote may be valuable later in the week, too.

The spokesperson explained she would be doing everything possible to vote in that situation.

They said: “Under any circumstances in which she is able to vote, she will be coming into vote in favour of no confidence for the exact same reasons as the rest of the Labour Party.”