Tube drivers vote to strike on Boxing Day

TUBE drivers have voted to strike on Boxing Day in a row over pay.

The union Aslef said London Underground bosses are insisting that December 26 is a normal working day but the union wants its members to receive extra pay.

A spokesman said: “The management are saying that Boxing Day is a normal day when it is painfully obvious that it is not.” He said staff should be compensated for working at “highly unsocial times”.

A Transport for London spokesman said: “It is disgraceful that Aslef should try to hold Londoners and London Underground to ransom in this way. London Underground has a long-standing agreement with all of its trade unions which cover staff working arrangements on bank holidays, and Boxing Day is included in that agreement.

“LU has made every effort to resolve this issue with the Aslef leadership, which has refused to attend talks at ACAS to discuss its claim for triple time and a day in lieu for its members.”