Truth and Lies behind Hampstead hedge fund manager’s play

Business and lies seem all too familiar bed fellows – so it’s no surprise that a Hampstead hedge fund manager has chosen truth as the subject for his new play.

David Crook, of Hampstead Square, is now using his experience of the financial world to inspire his second passion – writing. The father-of-four said: “It made me realise that everyone tells lies in one way or another. It’s just a basic part of human nature. Lying is part of our make-up and we all do it in different ways.”

His latest play The Truth-Teller, which premiered on Monday at the King’s Head Theatre in Islington, tells the story of chronic liar Jonathan who cannot even order a minicab without fibbing – giving the taxi firm the wrong address.

Although the genteel world of Hampstead seems an unlikely creative inspiration for the play, the obsessive protagonist is loosely based on an acquaintance of the playwright.

But Mr Crook claims he rarely lies himself – preferring a more direct approach.

n The play is on at the King’s Head until May 6.