Alexandra Palace to consider charging for car parking to help generate cash for historic venue

Alexandra Palace. Picture: Oliver Spalt/Creative Commons

Alexandra Palace. Picture: Oliver Spalt/Creative Commons - Credit: Creative Commons/Oliver Spalt

The trust behind Alexandra Palace is looking to introduce car parking charges at the park and the palace later this year.

In a statement from the Alexandra Park and Palace Trust said the trust needs to generate income to cover the costs of maintaining the park and palace.

A consultation will be held later this year.

According to the latest accounts registered with the Charities Commission, the trust made £18m in 2017/18 spending £16.8m of it.

The newly refurbished Victorian theatre reopened in November after a £27m restoration. The venue regularly holds events drawing thousands of people to the historic venue, including live music, the Masters Snooker Championship, and the PDC World Darts Championship.

As well as generating revenue, the trust believes introducing car parking charges will offset the cost of maintaining the car parks, deter anti-social behaviour, and misuse of the facilities.

An Alexandra Park and Palace spokesperson said: “The trust has announced that it is considering introducing charges for use of its car parks. We need to generate funds to be able to afford the maintenance and repair of the Park and Palace, and ensure it provides a safe environment for the public to enjoy. There will be a consultation later this year to give members of the public the opportunity to comment on any proposals.”