Tree enthusiasts given help to identify the species of Hampstead Heath

Tree Walk led by Bettina Metcalfe

Tree Walk led by Bettina Metcalfe - Credit: Archant

October’s guided walk on Hampstead Heath was a lesson in how to identify trees.

Bettina Metcalfe, tree enthusiast and member of the International Dendrology Society led The Trees of Hampstead Heath and How To Identify Them excursion, on Sunday 5 October.

Walkers, who met at Burgh House on New End Square, were shown the different varieties of trees including Maples and how their leaf patterns could identify them and how clustered acorns or those on stalks could highlight which type of Oak.

Hampstead & Highgate society member Thomas Radice, who organised the walk said: “This is rolling programme that’s been going on for years with this particular one on trees, We also cover other topics such as fungi and birds.”

The walks take place on the first Sunday of every month.