‘Transvestite potter’ referenced in row over ‘absolute control’ by Labour group in Haringey

Haringeys new cabinet photographed before the meeting. Photo: Polly Hancock

Haringeys new cabinet photographed before the meeting. Photo: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

Opponents have blasted leaders at Haringey Council for claiming “absolute control” over appointments to top roles - referencing renowned artist Grayson Perry in an entertaining attack.

Cllr Bob Hare, Lib Dem, cited Perry, who describes himself as a “transvestite potter”, in a plea for Lib Dem Cllr Pippa Connor to be voted chair of scrutiny, a role which reviews council policy.

There are nine Liberal Democrats in the council, up against 48 Labour councillors.

He said: “It should be a point of principal that the chair of the committee that scrutinises decisions made by the executive should not be from the ruling group...

And he continued: “Our national treasure, potter and polemicist Grayson Perry has just started his series on Channel 4...

“It’s called All Man, and examines masculinity.

“In the publicity, he’s pictured as only he could be, in an exaggeratedly feminine costume.

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“Yes, it’s time that masculinity is challenged.

“It’s time too that the majority group put away their outdated notion of an absolute control, that extends to the very function that is designed to ask questions.”

But Labour’s new chief whip Cllr Adam Jogee praised Cllr Charles Wright, who kept his position.

The Broadway previously revealed there was a leaked document detailing proposals for a cabinet reshuffle.

Those named were confirmed at the meeting.

The brief of health and finance were combined and given to Cllr Jason Arthur.

Cllr Claire Kober remains leader of the council.

And Cllr Bernice Vanier is deputy leader, and cabinet member for customer services and culture.

The cabinet member for environment is Cllr Peray Ahmet and Cllr Jason Arthur takes on a combined brief as cabinet member for finance and health.

Cabinet member for corporate resources is Cllr Eugene Ayisi, Cllr Ali Demirci has the corporate resources brief and Cllr Joe Goldberg is cabinet member for economic development, social inclusion and sustainability.

Cllr Alan Strickland is cabinet member for housing and planning and Cllr Elin Weston has the brief for children and families.