Should Highgate's 'safe and healthy streets' be extended?

Children ride their bikes outside Primrose Hill School in the London Borough of Camden as Bikeabilit

Camden Council is asking residents whether bus lane changes on Highgate Road should be made permanent. - Credit: PA

Camden Council is consulting residents on whether to make extended bus lane operating hours in Highgate permanent.

As part of its Safe and Healthy Streets Programme, it trialled changes on Highgate Road in September last year under an experimental traffic order for up to 18 months.

The trial included making bus lanes on Highgate Road operational 24/7, extending waiting and loading restrictions in all bus lanes and adding two loading bays outside 109-111 Highgate Road and outside 12 Highgate Road from 7pm to 7am.

The scheme has seen a 13% increase in traffic levels on Highgate Road, but a reduction in general traffic speeds, according to the town hall.

Cycling levels increased by 6% on Highgate Road, with a 20% increase in the southbound direction, and bus speeds have increased southbound but slightly decreased northbound.

Additional changes are also being consulted on, including the extension of existing bus lane CMO15 up to the roundabout with Swains Lane, as well as the removal of paid for or permit parking bays along Highgate Road.

On Friday (October 15), Camden approved separate proposals to create zebra crossings and to widen footpaths at the junction of Swains Lane, Highgate West Hill and Highgate Road.